About The Founder : HL

Hemant Lawanghare (HL), is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, specialized in Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Enhancement, Business Life Balance and Corporate Career Success Planning.

HL is an Educationist who is starting Degrees in: Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations, first of its kind in India.

HL is an author of an upcoming Book: MasterMyLife which is based on Emotional Intelligence, Human Relations and Life Principles.

HL is a Professional of a Repute, Engineer by qualification & holds various Management degrees from reputed management institutes in

General Management, Marketing, Materials, International Business, Project Management. HL also holds degrees in Astrology, Palmistry & Numerology.

In his corporate career spanning over more than 2 decades, HL has held many senior management positions in various reputed multi-national & global companies, has travelled across the globe, gaining a vital experience, not only as a corporate professional, but also in human relationship dynamics in multi-national & multi-cultural environment, along with Wisdom of ‘What it takes to be a Successful Professional and be Happy at the same time, balancing one’s life in personal, family & corporate or business career’, enabling one to enjoy one’s life to the fullest, while achieving his life goals & crafting a positive impact on society.

HL belongs from a family business house with diversified business interests. HL has experienced & analysed importance of professional processes in such a businesses along with maintaining the human touch with the team & has derived a formula for successful business growth. Of course, being in Corporate world for last more than 2 decades, HL has expertise in Corporate Career Growth Path & has researched & acquired various Processes & Tools to become a Successful Professional.

HL, himself, in earlier period, has been coached for an Advanced level of Emotional Intelligence & has realized importance of Emotional Intelligence in every walk of life, from ‘Relationships’ to ‘Career & Business Success’ to ‘Happiness’, resulting into the specializing in Emotional Intelligence domain during his further studies and Coaching practice at his organisation “YouMeAndLife Coaching LLP”. HL has been certified in” Pure Emotional Intelligence” and” Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming “

HL & his organisation “YouMeAndLife” are passionate about creating a positive impact in the lives of his clients by imparting them with the tried & tested Practical Tools, Techniques & Processes on ‘How to become Emotionally Intelligent & Succeed in life in a holistic way in all the spheres of their lives’.

HL is passionate about Mentoring & Coaching & has been imparting his know-how to Develop & Coach his corporate colleagues & clients from Corporate world as well as from Business background & has been practicing his Life Coaching practice for last few years but only in his inner circle. Now, with the Seminar – MasterMyLife, HL is taking his Coaching Practice to masses & to the clients outside his corporate & inner circle.

HL from his specific research study & experimentation of last more than a decade, has formed 11 Life Principles which shall transform your life for Corporate or Business Success, Happiness & Loving Relationships.

In his Seminar, “MasterMyLife” HL introduces few of his Life Principles which are derived from well researched Wisdom of Emotional Intelligence & also presents information on his various Coaching Programs which ranges from Personal Coaching, Group Coaching & Relationship Coaching.

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