Book: ‘MasterMyLife: Life Journey & Life Principles of Bharat’, Written by: HL

The 11 Life Principles what HL Coaches in his Seminar : MasterMyLife are based not only on the wisdom of enlightened human beings but also are based on his experience & validation process of these life principles what he has adopted over several years of his life journey.
HL has captured them in his upcoming book: “MasterMyLife”.
The theme of the book is based on a journey of a person named ‘Bharat’ who happen to explore these 11 Life Principles through his experience in a long journey what he undertakes throughout India as a “Seeker”. All these Life Principles have been narrated in the book in an interesting storytelling way in an imaginary setting. This book will be released in the month of August 2017 & it will be available on Amazon for sale.
This section will be further updated in the month of August 2017 after release of the book.

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