Group Coaching also has a set process which uses various internationally renowned tools, tests & techniques covering all the aspects of personal and professional life, specifically, for your area of concern or goal, which can range from anything related to any of the above mentioned Group Topics on which you would like to work on & would like to get an expert assistance for (we can have any Group coaching topic if we get a batch size of min. 10 persons for a similar topic). Group Life Coaching is aimed at: Guiding you in the process of ‘Where you are now’ to ‘Where you can be & want to be’, toward the greater competence & fulfillment what you desire. A life coach at ‘YouMeAndLife’, along with a structured process, will offer you, support, feedback / feed-forward & will use various tried & tested tools & techniques to help you to stay focused on the process of achievement of your goals. Unlike Personal Life Coaching, wherein all the 12 sessions are ‘one-to-one’ sessions of 90 mins each, Group Life Coaching has 2 ‘one-to-one’ Personal sessions of 90 mins each & 3 full day Group sessions of effective 5 hours per day.

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How the entire Process of ‘Personal Life Coaching’ works at ‘YouMeAndLife’? (And, What happens during Life Coaching Sessions at ‘YouMeAndLife’?)

Once you take a decision to work with a Life Coach, you (Coachee) sign a formal agreement with your life coach (Coach). During the agreement sign-off, a consensus will be made on your & your coach’s role & expectations from the coaching process. Agreement will also have a Confidentiality clause related to Group Discussion.

Personal Coaching module of “YouMeAndLife” is of 12 sessions, wherein, each session’s duration is of 90 minutes. Hence, in total, there will be 18 hours of one-to-one interaction spread over min. 3 months to max. 12 months period, as agreed during the agreement process. Additionally, there will be weekly feedback telecoms. It is not necessary to always have a face to face discussion or meeting. Coaching can be very well conducted over Video or Audio conference (or face to face) as per the convenience of both the Coach and Coachee. Below is the brief on generic content of each of the 12 coaching sessions:

This is a Personal Coaching Session (one-to-one), wherein, Coach will ask questions & will primarily listen to you on ‘where you are now’, ‘what is your SWOT analysis’, ‘where you desire to reach / what you want to achieve?’, ‘as per you, what are the major obstacles / hindrances in your way preventing you in reaching your goal’ and ‘what are your current plans?’. This discussion can be related to any of your life areas ranging from relationships to career to business or any specific goal or project related to your Professional or Personal life or as directed by your Sponsor with your Agreement to it, wherein, at the end of the discussion, your Group will be decided (that is, participants of similar type of topic / similar type of Goal will be part of one group).

i) Briefing by Coach & set the rules of a GD. Introduction of each Group member (as per the set introduction format). ii) GD on Identification of common Problem areas & common Obstacles (each participant’s inputs will be taken) related to Group’s topic, followed by Inputs from Coach (on ‘As-Is’, Responsibility, Affirmations, ‘To-Be Visualisation’ & Tools). iii) Brainstorming on identification of common Solutions within a Group, wherein Coach plays a role of a ‘Moderator’ & ‘Guide’. Each member to learn from others experiences & thought process on the possible solutions on the Topic. iv) Each participant will make his / her own Action Plan Blueprint (in consultation with Coach) to achieve his / her Goal (along with a phase wise / priority wise timeline) & it will be shared within a Group (in case of any particular Confidential Action Point, participant has a choice to share it only with the Coach & then, share other generic actions in a Group).

These are 2 Group Sessions, both are primarily focusing on: i) Discussion within Group on Action Points, it’s Progress & further Ideas to improve action point’s effectiveness & execution. Learn from each other. Coach to play a role of ‘Moderator’ & ‘Guide’. ii) An individual brief session with Coach (each participant will have a separate brief session with Coach) on how to improve your Action Point’s execution & effectiveness & how to monitor them for sustenance.

This is a Personal Coaching Session (one-to-one) to have a dialogue with your References or Sponsor to verify Results, Evaluation of actual Change & actual Progress with 360 degree feedback mechanism, set-up a Process for future Monitoring and finally, imparting Guidance on ‘How to become your Own Coach in future with auto-pilot mechanism”.

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