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Master My Life – Seminar on “Emotional Intelligence”: ‘YouMeAndLife’ conducts Seminars on Emotional Intelligence at a regular basis. These Seminars are designed to give you (after conducting a Test), your personal Emotional Intelligence Profile, Gap Analysis & Inputs for Improvements, along with a brief on few of the “11 Life Transformation Principles for: Happiness, Success, Love and Mindful Growth”.

During MasterMyLife Seminar, brief information is being given on the basic theme & benefits of MasterMyLife Program (2 days) on 11 Life Transformation Principles & it’s Cost. Although, it is not necessary to attend our ‘MasterMyLife Seminar’ to join any of our Programs (as you can join any of the programs after sending us an online Enquiry), if you attend our MasterMyLife Seminar, you will not only get discount offers on our various coaching programs but also, you will get some vital information related to your own Emotional Intelligence Profile and some brief on Life Improvement Tools & Techniques which will certainly benefit you.

Our MasterMyLife Seminars are being conducted in major cities in India. Please see our ‘Calendar of Events’ for the details. Once you “Register” for the Seminar in any particular city for a particular date, you will be communicated the exact venue details through mail & sms.

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