Program on “11 Life Transformation Principles"

Master My Life – Program on “11 Life Transformation Principles”: for Happiness, Sucess, Love & Mindful Growth”:
HL & YouMeAndLife has developed “11 Life Principles” to Transform your Life to Happiness, Success, Love & Mindful Growth. Although, the foundation of these Life Principles is based on Emotional Intelligence, they are well researched from the wisdom of enlightened beings & have been tried & tested by various experiments. These Life Principles cover all the domains of Life. This Program is designed not only to elucidate these Life Transformation Principles, but also to clarify on all the Tools & Techniques on “How to implement them in your own life consistently for your own Happiness, Success, Love and Mindful Growth”.

It is a two full day’s program, being conducted on weekends. And, it is a combination of Seminar, Interactive Group Discussions & Q&A Sessions.
Please attend our ‘MasterMyLife – Seminar on Emotional Intelligence’ to know the cost details of MasterMyLife Program on 11 Life Transformation Principles or send us an online enquiry.

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